Friday, June 08, 2007

Drinking from a Mason Jar

Yes, I'm a faithful Mason Jar drinker. Everything tastes better in glass (or ceramic). Plus, with a Mason jar, you have a lid to keep everything contained. It ain't fancy, but it's functional and woodsy, and that sorta folksy appeal is quite popular in many eating establishments I have visited across the country.

Why should you shy away from your old standbys? Paper cups impart an odd flavor and odor that I have never appreciated, even when wax-dipped (ala' Dixie Cups). Metal cups can oftentimes get too cold, and then too warm when enough direct heat (from your hand or the sun) is applied. Plastic is, well... plastic. Plastic can never be cleaned 100%, and odors tend to linger in plastics forever. Wooden cups are alright, if you like the taste of wood (many do not, but it's great for Saki).

This weekend I sat in the patio with some just-picked strawberries, Meg Schwemp* and Mason jars filled with iced tea for each of us. The tea was chillingly cold, and it took the sting off of the late evening heat. The glass refreshed my reaching fingers as much as it soothed thy lips. When I placed the jar down, there was that friendly clink as it touched concrete. The world felt so right in that simple exchange between me, a 70s songstress and perfectly-housed cold beverage.

Go Mason and you'll get a drink as God intended it to be.

*More about this weekend later. I promise!