Friday, January 21, 2005

I Enjoy My Beer

I purchased several types of European beers tonight at a local store. The variety is quite large, and I can't wait to stick my head into all of it this weekend. It's the Danish in me, I suppose, and the cold weather is asking me to match my new purchase up with the Aquavit I store in the freezer. Why argue with a suggestion like that?

There are just two weeks left in this, National Soup Month. This weekend, along with my beer, I plan on preparing a few soups for consumption all week long. There will be a beef-based broth chock full of root vegetables mixed with fresh thyme, and I'll pick up some fish scraps tomorrow for a hearty stew with celery root and cream.

With some toasted bread and a light salad (I like Belgian endive with watercress or paper-thin fennel, by the way), I think I've got the cure for the wintertime blues.

This is LIVING!