Monday, January 24, 2005

This Don't Feel Like Winter!

Yes, the weather down here has been pretty darn warm as of late, and it's quite an abrupt change from the rain storms we had just a scant two weeks ago. Now it's like summer... one month into the winter. I walk outside and need to wear shorts and sandals instead of the heavy wool garments I have set aside for the season. My head's all askew.

When I speak to my friends back East I feel a sharp sense of guilt, for they are dealing with snow and frigid temperatures as I sip Greyhounds on the veranda. But it's just the way things are, and everybody knows California going to plummet into the Pacific any day now. Every area has its faults.

At any rate, I'm going to enjoy my "winter" as long as I can before the clouds come back again. And if you care to come over for a visit, the pool's clean, the BBQ is on and there's lot of beer.